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Welcome to the sexiest GunGame server around. With over 100+ custom maps! The first rule of Godlike GunGame server is - there are no rules. The second rule of Godlike GunGame server is - don't be gay. The third rule of Godlike GunGame server is -  if  -=MANTRAIN=-Shadizzy team kills you, You Slay him and Slay him good! The fourth rule of Godlike GunGame server is - have fun!!!

Spot a filthy fucking hacker? Tell us all about it! HERE!

Server options:

  • Knife Pro is ENABLED!!
  • Turbo Mode ENABLED!!
  • Multikill Mode is ENABLED!! 3 kills required
  • Deathmatch Addon is ENABLED!!
  • Spawn Protection: 3 seconds!!
  • Map decide by vote is ENABLED!!
  • Friendly Fire is ENABLED!!
  • Team Kill Punishment Options!!

GunGame Chat Commands:

    - play online web music!
to see the top 10 players on this server
 to see your current level and who is winning
to see the weapon order
to see player scores
will respawn you if you are stuck

Godlike GunGame Server Map List

If you have any map recommendations e-mail them to:

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